Our story began in 1981 with our land in the South of Morocco where natural and miraculous riches have been nurtured since the beginning of time.

Joined together by their love for their beautiful land, as well as the ability to offer the whole world unique natural products for the complete care of the body, is the genesis of the mission of three important people:

Mr. Mustapha El Khorchi, President of Leongolden LLC and owner of extensive land in southern Morocco where all the natural plants are carefully cultivated and protected.

After years of research and development, this powerful business group is proud to present the fruits of their land to the American market in Orness & ORMANA skin care products.

Orness: Our Premier line of skin and hair care products made from concentrated pure essences designed for sensitive skin. This dermatologically tested hypoallergenic cosmetic line has been a great success in the European market, establishing itself as the top 100% truly natural product.

ORMANA: Our Luxury line of skin care products full of intense natural fragrances, designed to wrap you in all its richness and sheer passion, developed exclusively for the United States market.

Mr. Driss Boutti, Director of Cosmaline Laboratory, world renowned for the production of the purest extracts and ingredients is at the heart of our history. The passion of Mr. Boutti to build his laboratory with the most advanced technology and to use only 100% botanical ingredients, has resulted in the creation of unique high-class cosmetic products which offer surprising results and reveal the Secrets of the Desert.

Dr. Zoubida Charrouf , having earned her PhD in Organic Chemistry, was aware of the enormous natual resources of her native land and began her extensive research into the scientific restorative properties of Argan Oil and many other indeginous plants, giving voice to the incredible richness of these fruits and the secrets of prolongued beauty, wellness and youth always known to the Berber people of the Sahara desert.